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RAID, 2009 Silkscreen installation on walls
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  This piece, created for a solo exhibition at Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, is a design based exploration of the themes of order and disorder in nature. The piece builds on my interest in creaing wallpapers and patterns that depict both design and disorder, and also served as a visual and conceptual bridge between the two series of prints in the exhibition.

I have long been fascinated by the 19th centiury short story The Yellow Wallpaper, in which a woman's descent into madness is chronicled through her experience watching the wallpaper come alive, and continue to return to the themes from that story in my work. For this piece, I was also influenced by the honeycomb pattern made by wasps and bees, and by similar shapes found in the raid formations of army ants. Here, larger than life ants raid the gallery walls, coming together to from patterns, chaotic jumbles, and columns.
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