Untitled (1890), 2006
Ink Jet Print. 46" x 67.25"
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Bus Shelter Installation Detail
In my recent work, I have been exploring the line between beauty and repulsion -- making sensual, beautiful, even decorative images of things that have been discarded or ignored. In conjunction with a public art project sponsored by the city of Baltimore called +es+pa++erns, I have created a wallpaper design for a bus stop shelter that is intricate and decorative, yet composed of nature’s detritus. For this project, I was excited about the possibility of bringing the controlled environment of interior spaces outside, as well as pasting “nature” into an urban landscape. I am interested in public art that questions and subverts the standard aesthetic for public art that is often imposing, masculine, and does not ask for much consideration from the public. I hope this piece provokes the viewer to take a moment to study it, and ponder its incongruous relationship to the environment that surrounds it.