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  Coiffed: A Typology of Entropic Variations (H.Foster), 2008 
rchival Pigment Prints, Each 5" x 8".
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In my series, Coiffed: A Typology of Entropic Variations, the swarming beards and hairstyles take our attempts to control our bodies to an absurd degree, with a playful exaggeration of the quotidian frustration of taming our hair. The identity of the sitter is eclipsed by his or her hair, which takes on a life of its own in the form of a swarm of insects. In contrast to the classic carnival act in which a tamed bee swarm envelops the face of a performer, here the swarms grow; run wild; start to conform; then run wild once more. Even as we attempt to impose our will on nature, these insects impose their anarchy on us.