Bodyscapes I-V, 2004
Pencil on paper. 15" x 90". Each square 3"

A sense of burgeoning or contained sensuality is often present in this body of work. The drawings explore the sensual and alien qualities of bodily functions and anatomy, and the endless cycles of containment and release that our bodies experience. The forms reference human and animal bodies, as well as the endless expanse of a landscape. In the series of installation-based drawings entitled Bodyscapes I-VI, I segment and compartmentalize the bodily forms into individual squares, drawing the viewer to closer inspection of the minutia that erupt from the surfaces.

Installation view: Nature:Redrawn at Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC (final image) with Organic Matter in foreground.

Transplant (Step 1) and (Step 2), 2003
Iris prints, 22" x 30"

The diptych Transplant (Steps 1 & 2) imagines two stages in the process of hybridization between electrodes and nipples. The images are reminiscent of 19th century medical or anthropological diagrams, yet seem more influenced by fictional science narratives such as the story of Frankenstein. The images are disturbing, absurd, and playful, evoking an unease in the viewer as she looks at the strange or abject forms, and becomes aware of her experience in his or her own body.

Grandma, 2003

Part of Hands On, a public art initiative on Public Transit buses and exhibition at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore MD